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Later gator
Tres leches

I guess it’s better for me t to have relationship s at a distance that way i know i won’t get hurt bad. That i know that long distance relationship are inevitable to end. Forever being with someone at a distance. That’s just the life for me.



I’m fucked

I had the craziest dream. I had a kid with him. A little boy. But he didn’t want anything to do with our son. It seemed like he didn’t know it or didn’t want to acknowledge. Because my son called him daddy and i even said that i didn’t tell him to call Him that.

my first cake order ever! and my first time using fondant.
my ingredients
anniversary cake.
marshmallow  fondant. red velvet cake and cupcakes and minies
my boss and my job asked me to make these while at work. chocolate covered bacon
bacon buttercream and  chocolate bottomed  cupcakes